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About Us - - Dukaan for Hospitals and Patients

Oxygen Mask and other Medical Devices Manufacturer From Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

State of the Art Toshiba Japanese Machines producing Oxygen Masks and NRB Masks

Imported Extrusion Machines Producing Ventilator Circuits and Bain Circuits 

MSME Unit:

ONTEX Medical Devices Manufacturing P Ltd, a TMT Group company, is an MSME unit carrying out the Manufacturing of Medical Devices under Make in India project.  We are already registered with NSIC under Single Point Registration Scheme of Government of India.

Registered Trade Mark:

We are manufacturing following Medical Devices and marketing under own brand name “ONTEX”.  Our brand name ONTEX is already REGISTERED by Govt. of India, Intellectual Property Registry, under Section 23 (2), Rule 62 (1) of Trade Marks Act, 1999.

List of Products: Oxygen Mask, Nebulizer Kit, Nasal Cannula, Venturi Mask, Hi-concentration Mask, Three ball lncentive Spirometer, HME Filter, Bacteria / Viral Filter, Ventilator Circuits, Anesthesia Breathing Circuits, Stylets / Bougie, Rebreathing Bags, Guedel Airways, Laryngoscopes, Yankeur Suction tube, Manual Resuscitator, Catheter Mount, ET tube holder, lnfant Mucus Extractor, Umbilical Cord Clamp, Urine Bags, Condom Catheters / Male External Catheters, CPAP Masks and tube, Anesthesia Masks, Compression Stockings.

Only Brand in the World that offers Cotton Material with Beige Colour:

ONTEX is the ONLY brand in the World that offers Anti-embolism Stockings in Cotton Material and also in Beige Colour.  All International brands offer Anti-embolism stockings only Nylon Material and also in white colour.  As India is a tropical country, Nylon material may not be suitable as we sweat a lot.  As Nylon cannot absorb the sweat, it may lead to skin irritation, rashes, bad smell, burning sensation and uncomfortable wearing experience.  We were compelled to buy only Nylon Stockings manufactured by the Companies from Europe and USA as we did not have any alternative. 

But not anymore.  Now we have ONTEX Cotton Compression Stockings specially made for Indian Hot and Humid Climate that too in Beige Colour which is the most preferred colour by Indians compared to white.  As ONTEX Cotton Compression Stockings can absorb the sweat, it is ODOUR FREE, Skin friendly, No irritations, No rashes, Soft and Comfortable to wear.

Quality Certificates:

All the above products have been already CE marked for Exports.  Further our unit also has been assessed and registered by PAS as conforming to the requirements of ISO 13485: 2016 Standards.

GeM – Government of India:

Our unit is already registered with GeM (Government eMarketplace) and supplying to Government Institutions.

 eCommerce Channel:

Apart from Traditional Market presence through Distributors in the Offline world, we also have a good presence in the Online World.  We are already the registered sellers in all Online Marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart and others, apart from selling from our own ecommerce website

Top Rated on Amazon:

Our ONTEX branded Cotton Compression Stockings has received a rating of 4.6 Stars out of 1000+ Customer Reviews on Amazon.  ONTEX is the only brand to receive such a top rating on Amazon and other competitors are nowhere near our ratings as they have ratings of 3.3 or even lesser.

Further, Amazon has awarded ONTEX Cotton Compression Stockings as “Amazon’s Choice” Badge which is a good recognition for our Quality and Service.

Compared to Top International Brands:

Amazon Customers have written Product Reviews comparing our brand ONTEX to various Top International Brands from United States (Brand name Futuro), Switzerland (Brand name Sigvaris) and Germany (Brand name Duomed).  They have recorded in Amazon Marketplace that ONTEX quality is on par with these International Brands yet costing substantially lower. 

Exports through e-Commerce:

Apart from the domestic market, we have also started receiving orders from Foreign Countries through our eCommerce platform.  As the Internet is Global and has no territorial boundaries, we have fully exploited the potential to export our products.