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ONTEX Oxygen Mask Adult

ONTEX Oxygen Mask Adult

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Oxygen Mask is sold by our factory in a Carton Box of 200 pcs.  It is available only for Indian Hospitals and not for retail purchases.  Minimum order of 200 and in multiples of 200 such as 200, 400, 600... 1000... FREE SHIPPING anywhere in India.
100% medical grade PVC material
Kink-free, crush-resistant tubing
Clear, soft vinyl for patient comfort and visual patient assessment
Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit
Complete with oxygen supply tubing
Material: DEHP free, Latex-free
Adjustable nose, ear and chin assures comfortable fit
Oxygen Mask Manufacturer From Chennai, Tamilnadu
Start buying from the Factory directly to ensure uninterrupted supply during the Third wave
Priority supplies to our regular customers
Genuine prices even at the peak demand times
State of the Art Toshiba Japanese Machines producing Oxygen Masks and NRB Masks  

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